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Halloween 2013 Wrap-up

Written by Justin posted on Nov 6, 2013 in Conor, Dakota, Devin, Halloween, Holidays, Kayce, Photos

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween last week! It was a bit soggy in Chicagoland, but the mild temperatures helped keep the spirits up this year. We had a Halloween for the record books. Celebrated with friends, family and as much trick-or-treating as the daylight would allow. The twins are now at the age where…


Terrible Twosome

Written by Justin posted on Oct 11, 2013 in Dakota, Devin

Recently, I was discussing the latest bout of mischief the twins have gotten themselves into. This person proclaimed I needed to start a journal to track everything they have bent, broken, flushed, destroyed, obliterated, soiled. We have not spoken about it much on here, but I think the time has come. Devin & Dakota are…


Two Turning Two

Written by Justin posted on May 30, 2013 in Birthday, Dakota, Devin, Photos

Dawn and I constantly remind ourselves just how lucky we are to have 4 healthy and very active boys. Devin & Dakota feel like the pinnacle of that luck. Difficult does not even describe what Dawn went through to get them here. Arriving 10 weeks early, we were warned many times of the possible complications…


Oh Boys

Written by Dawn posted on Nov 4, 2012 in Dakota, Devin

Devin and Dakota are turning from babies to big boys right before our very eyes.  They started walking 3 days apart.  Dakota was first on 10/25, and Devin followed in his brothers footsteps, literally, on 10/28.  They were all over the place before, but now they are faster and can see higher to get into…