Being There

Written by Justin posted on Aug 11, 2014 in Conor, Dakota, Devin, Kayce, Photos, Vacation

We are incredibly lucky to have extended family members who have unconditionally welcomed us up to their lakehouse on a quiet lake in Northeastern Wisconsin for the last 5+ years. It gives our kids a chance to get the lakehouse experience they would not get anywhere else. We are forever thankful. It gives the whole family a chance to unplug and get away from the distractions of everyday life. There really is something to be said for that.

This trip was a short one for us but we made the most out of our time there. Got out bear finding, fishing, jetskiing, birthday celebrating (Happy 30th Uncle Danny!), frog catching, s’more making and canoeing. We even went out horseback riding. Which was a first for me. The weather was brilliant and the company was even better.

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