Bedtime Stories: The Hobbit

Written by Justin posted on Jan 14, 2013 in Books

Since as far back as I can recall, Dawn and I have been reading to our boys before bed. Throughout the day as well, but always before bed. It’s something I can remember my parents doing when I was young, and  it’s something which holds very high value in our house today. It not only stresses the importance of reading, but it’s good for bonding, routine, patience, and gets them good and tired when it’s time to hit the sheets.

Usually, we do two short stories a night. Kayce and Conor each pick one out. We read to the twins too, but they don’t have much say/care in what it is yet.  Recently, I had the notion the older two might be ready to take the next step to some more advanced story telling. Either that or I’m getting spent on reading kid books for the past 6 years. Maybe you heard about a small movie release called The Hobbit. Well, I own the book and with it at our disposal, I decided to see if Kayce and Conor would take to reading it. Tolkien can be a bit challenging, but kids are surprisingly adept at picking things up. Why limit them? They certainly will let us know if it’s too much to handle.

We started with and handful of pages the first night and instantly Kayce was hooked. The next morning he asked if we could get in a few more pages before school. Conor seems to be enjoying it too, but does not quite have the same attention span for listening as long as his older brother. Which is understandable given his young age. Both have taken quite the shine to it.

As a dad/nerd/huge LOTR fan, I’m elated that they are not only into it but are excited about reading it and what happens next. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to bedtime stories. If we can get in the whole book before the movie exits theater’s then we’ll definitely be going to see it. It may not be their generations Star Wars, but damn if I won’t treat it as such!

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