Ballerinas or Soccer Players, or one of each?

Written by Dawn posted on Mar 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

We are in the 20th week this week and I am grateful for each and every day that goes by.

We just had another ultrasound and Baby A is 5 days ahead schedule and Baby B is just about 2 weeks ahead schedule!  Music to our ears!  Normally I would be fearful that I would have to deliver a huge baby, but you two just keep doing your job at gaining that length and weight.

I have been able to feel you move around since I was just 11 1/2 weeks pregnant.  At first I thought that was impossible since it was so early on, but as time went on I was very sure that it was you guys.  I suppose because it is my third pregnancy I know what to expect or maybe it is because there are two of you in there.  Daddy actually felt you, either one or both of you, kick last night.  I was eating ice cream and I told him to put his hand on my stomach.  It is almost a guarantee that about 2-3 minutes after eating anything sweet and sugary, that  Baby A gets very active in there and then Baby B a few minutes after that.  Baby A, I think you are the one that is giving me this killer sweet tooth this pregnancy!

So, I promise to keep resting and eating all the goodies that you love, if you promise to stay strong and healthy!

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