A Week of Firsts

Written by Justin posted on Jul 29, 2014 in Conor, Dad, Dakota, Devin, Family, Kayce, Summer

What can I say, been busy enjoying the Summer of 2014. 

We have been busy busy with the likes of: beach trips, new jobs, swim lessons, sports galore, gardening, library visits, laughing, riding, playing, sliding, reading, writing and block partying.

This past week though felt like one I just could not let fall away into the ether. So many accomplishments I did n0t want to miss documenting. Kayce had been looking to go off the diving board at our local watering hole. Asking for weeks. Well, much to our surprise, he went for it at a friends party. And it has been non-stop ever since. He also got his first new bike since about age 2. It was much needed and the only requirements he gave was it had to be “blue”. AT 20″ it’s just slightly big for his size, but that has not stopped him from wanting to get out on it and ride ride ride.

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

Kayce and Conor also got to take in their first proper concert. We made it out to Wicker Park Fest to check out Exit Verse. Close family friend and all around great dude, Pete plays bass. As well, a musician I have been attentively following for decades, Geoff Farina plays guitar and sings. So it was a real treat for me to introduce the boys to live music in this setting. My first show was Milli Vanilli at Poplar Creek…THANKS LIZ!

exit verse exit verse boys

We also welcomed new life into the family. Baby Colette was born on Friday 7/28. Baby girls are a rare commodity in the Grimm bloodline so this was extra special.



Have you checked out the sting ray petting exhibit at Brookfield Zoo? It’s worth the extra cost.

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