6 Years Old, Letter to Kayce

Written by Dawn posted on Jan 27, 2013 in Birthday, Kayce

Kayce, Kayce, Kayce….how is it that you are 6 already?!? That is hard for me to wrap my head around. I still remember every detail of going into labor with you and having you, and once again replayed it in my head on your birthday. I love to do the whole , ‘do you remember what we were doing exactly at this time 6 years ago’. Weird, maybe. But I love to do it for the big life events!!

You are halfway through kindergarten and doing really well. You have made some wonderful little friends this year that you love doing play dates with. Jonny, Troy, and Joey are your Skylanders buddies! Which brings us to the infamous Skylanders. You are down right obsessed with these guys. They are figurines that you can use on the XBox game, and pick the one you want based on the powers they have. When you and I battle each other, you want to use Tree Rex 90% of the time because he always wins! When you could actually really use any of them to beat me because you are actually that good at the game. You only had about 5 of these guys before Christmas and your birthday. Now I believe the count is at 34!! You also like to play them with Conor. You each pick the guys you want to be. Sometimes you play human skylanders! Like I said, obsessed my little love bug!

You are still such an easy going, go with the flow, bright, loving, little boy. These qualities have not changed since birth. You are well behaved probably 95% of the time. Seriously! Thank you for making it easy for Daddy and me. Your brothers are a different story.

You also love to play games on the iPad. Your current favorites are Skylanders (surprise, surprise), Pet Shop Monsters, and Angry Birds.
Your true love lies in coloring and drawing. You have such a passion for it. There have been days when you color for hours upon hours. You love to make books, and tell me what words to write on each page. You make hidden pictures, just like you love in Highlights Magazine. It makes me so excited to wonder about what you will do with this love and passion of yours when you grow up and choose a career!

You like to build with legos, play with dinosaurs and bugs, and play with Squinkies. You are extremely lucky because you just so happen to live with your bestest buddy in the whole world, Conor! You to play and play together all day long. You beg me not to give him naps so that you don’t have to stop playing. You are both so imaginative and think up the best adventures, and sing ‘we’re going on a adventure, we’re going on a adventure’ over and over. It is precious. I hope you you have this bond, always. You are an awesome big brother and always looking out for those younger brothers of yours.

My Baby

The Stats:

  • You are 3 feet and 8 inches tall, and weigh 42 1/2 lbs.
  • Favorite color: blue and black
  • Favorite tv show: Berenstein Bears
  • Favorite food: fried plantains
  • Favorite treat: ice cream, and oreos is a very close second.

Thank you for being the sweet, precious little boy that you are! I love you so much! Happy Birthday Kayce G!!


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