The excited Big Brother

Written by Dawn posted on Apr 27, 2011 in Kayce

Kayce is getting very excited about his big brother role with the twins.  In fact, we sat on the couch and he talked to me for about 20 minutes about everything he was going to do to help with the babies.

“I will feed one baby and you will feed one baby because I have two hands to help.  I will teach the babies to hold the bottle.”

“I will not let the babies climb on the back of the couch because I don’t want them to fall off.”

“They can have a sleepover with me in my bed and I will share my nanie with them.  They will like it cuz it’s so soft.”

“I will teach the babies to walk and to go potty and to color.”

“What milk do the babies drink?”  I respond, “Mommy’s milk.”  “Then I will get your milk to feed them!”

As we were sitting there the babies were moving around like crazy, so I asked the boys if they wanted to put their hands on my tummy to feel the babies kick.  Kayce puts his hand gently down and Conor decides to lift his foot and kick the babies back!  He either didn’t understand what I was saying, or he thought that if they could kick me without getting in trouble then so could he.  I’m going with the second explanation :)

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