And then there were 6

Written by Dawn posted on Feb 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yet another day I experienced that I know I will remember for as long as I live!  It was December 20th.  We made our 8 week OB appointment for this day and being the third time around, we were kind of pros at this by now.  We just went in to expect to see the little blob of the baby on the screen and maybe hear a heartbeat.  As the Doctor was just about finished doing the ultrasound, she paused for a minute and said, “wait a minute, there is another gestational sac.   Yeah, there is another heartbeat.  There is another baby in there.  It’s twins!”  I just looked over at Justin and see his jaw drop, face pale, and speechless.  Every other word that came out of the Doctor’s mouth pretty much went in one ear and out the other due to the shock of the news we just received.  Not only will I remember that day because we received the news of being pregnant with twins, but also because I still laugh to myself imagining Justin in that exam room that day.  Ha, I just did it again– laughing to myself!!  Our original plan was going to be telling all of our family at Christmas Eve and Christmas day  just days away with the due date written on the photo calendars that I had made, but with that news I could not wait the excruciatingly long 5 days, so we ended up telling them all that day.

Justin and I decided in the beginning of this past summer that we would start trying for another baby after I was done running the marathon.  Even though the MD doesn’t agree with my theory, I still believe in my heart of hearts that running that marathon had a huge part of how I got pregnant with twins.  There are some miracles in life that cannot be explained by science, and I know God had this all planned out!  At first, we were beyond shocked.  How the heck were we going to pull this one off?  But I can honestly say that I have no doubt in my mind that we can and will do it.  We may only live in an apartment, but we are making room for the twins and maybe we are still here for some unknown reason to us, and since we can’t change that, we will make it work.  We will be forced to bond each and every day ;)  We may be busy with 4 kids aged 41/2 and younger, but we always wanted 4 kids and it just happened sooner than we imagined it would.  One of the ways I like to view it is that all 4 of our kids will be done with high school by the time we are 49, not too shabby!!

I cannot wait until our next two miracles get here in July, and can’t wait to see the Big Brother Grimm Boys with their baby siblings!

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  1. Erin Crotchett

    December 20th was my birthday! You guys got great news that day :) and I turned 30 :( ! Can’t wait to meet the newest editions in October! We miss you guys!!


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