Kayce’s view on grapes

Written by Dawn posted on Oct 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thought you might enjoy a conversation that I had with Kayce about eating his grapes yesterday.

Me:  Kayce, you have to eat your grapes too.

Kayce:  I will get sick and throw up all the time if I eat one of those.

Me:  Kayce, no you won’t.  They are really good.  They are sweet like candy.

Kayce:  No, it isn’t.  Dad will get mad at you if I eat it!

I seriously don’t where this kid comes up with 1/2 of the stuff that comes out of that precious little mouth.   Oh, and he did end up eating 1/4 of a grape after this conversation.  I’ll take that for a victory ;)

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