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Conor got to enjoy his first Cubs game on 6/30 against the Pirates. Grandpa Ken got a hold of some great tickets just behind the home dugout and Dawn went with him, Kayce and Conor.

Before the game Kayce asked if he was going to get to play. When Dawn told him he only got to watch, he said he didn’t want to go unless he could play. As a father, and even more as some one who has been infatuated with all things Baseball since I can remember, that one made me incredibly proud to hear.

Life as a Cubs fan starts enthusiastically when you are young

Ice Cream at the ball game, is there anything more hand in hand as a kid?

Checkout this view! Dad is going to be VERY jealous!

Can't miss a once in a lifetime photo op like this

Grandpa Ken and his little baseball stars

Better than any $6.50 beer.

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  1. Seth

    Sad thing is soda’s at Busch are $5.25 for regular and $6.25 for a souvenir cup. Jumbo hot dog is $5.25 and there is nothing jumbo about them.


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