28 Days Later

Written by Justin posted on May 10, 2011 in mom & dad

A couple of days ago 28 Days Later was showing on IFC. Whenever I see this movie I’m taken to a special place.  For me, it triggers memories from a very specific period in my life.  I know, strange, a movie based on the decay of humanity and extreme violence does this to me.  But it really has nothing to do with the premise or content of the movie.

You see, way back in the infancy of our relationship, before there were any Grimmboys, Dawn and I were celebrating an anniversary (I believe it was our first). As a gift to me, Dawn purchased the DVD of 28 Days Later because we had seen it in the theater together and both loved it.  That was not all though.  She went the extra mile and also gave me the soundtrack too.  It was this extra gift, along with many others along the way, which told me so much about the person Dawn is.  It was moments early on like this which showed me first hand that she “got me”, and even more so confirmed our developing bond and my love and admiration for her.  She understood the DVD would be great, but easy too.  What would really surprise and awe me was this extra piece of the equation which I would never see coming.  And it did.

It’s amazing the feelings one object/song/movie/place can set off in oneself.  I’m sure you have a couple of these.  28 Days Later is one of mine. It takes me back every time. So it was a real treat flipping through the channels and catching it on a couple of Fridays ago.

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  1. Dawn

    :) Love you!!
    And a little ironic that it is also the start of the 28th week on Friday! Or maybe you had that planned perfectly ;)


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